About ASEAN QA Forum

About the Forum

The ASEAN-QA Forum will bring together HEIs (e.g. leadership, QA managers and students) and various external stakeholders such as representatives from politics, ministries, QA agencies, and employers, in an effort to learn from each other’s practices, discuss current and future issues of quality assurance and related fields. By doing so the Forum aims to find solutions, connect HEIs and stakeholders as well as to contribute to building trust between individuals and organisations. The ASEAN-QA Forum understands itself as a platform for HEIs and stakeholders of QA to build a community of practice based on dialogue and exchange.

Target Group

All interested organisations and individuals are welcome to attend the Forum. The Forum targets, but is not limited to, the following groups:

  • Presidents and Vice-Presidents, Rectors and Pro-Rectors, Vice-Chancellors and Deputy Vice-Chancellors from HEIs
  • Directors of quality assurance and related fields from HEIs
  • QA staff and managers from central units and faculties/departments
  • Students and lecturers active or interested in the field of QA
  • Political and ministerial representatives in the field of higher education
  • Representatives from external QA and evaluation agencies
  • Researchers of higher education and QA
  • Representatives of employers such as associations active in the field of QA in higher education